Our hotel hired Chinese cuisine master, high-class technician as Sous Chef and will serve up various dishes so that you can enjoy deliciousness in your journey.

The 2/F cafeteria serves up various Chinese/Western buffet dinner. Reasonable price of RMB 58/PAX is worth the price.

The teahouse on 2/F air corridor serves up a good place to have a jolly time and makes a charm atmosphere for you.

The banqueting hall and the 1/F restaurant serves up some high class dished such as shark fin, sea-ear,sea cucumber and so on. Some economical class dishes are provided as well with various styles such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Sichuan and Guangdong ones.

The hotel also serves up wedding feast. The price is reasonable. Such as RMB 1388/Table for yong jie tong xin yan, RMB1588/Table for bai nian hao he yan, RMB1888/Table for long feng ji xiang yan.


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