Shanghai Honggang Hotel is an external 3-stars rating hotel which invested by Shanghai Airport (Group). It sets up an air corridor which is joined with the Hongqiao airport lounge building A. It makes so convenient for customer straight to the airport lounge building with time saving. At the same time, the customer who is waiting in the airport lounge building can be straight to the hotel for dinner and tea. The cafeteria and the teahouse are both equipped with screens and broadcasts for freight schedule. Customer there won’t miss the freight schedule to boarding. There is a large parking lot in front of the hotel. Nearby it covers with booking offices, taxies and buses directly to downtown and Pudong Airport, which is a good place for domestic and overseas customer to stay.

Shanghai Honggang Hotel contains 200 guest rooms, including economical single room, standard twin room, deluxe twin room, standard suite and deluxe suite. The rooms are elegant, gentle colorway, quiet and comfortable, which are all equipped with cable TV, domestic-international live show, telephone, central air-conditioning and standard washroom. There are also all kinds of styles restaurant, teahouse, cafeteria, meeting room, multi-function hall, ballroom, pubs and some recreative establishment like beauty salon, feet bath and so on. The grand hall was set up with business central, shopping mall, booking office and bar. The freight schedule was displayed synchronously as the airport lounge building in grand hall, restaurant, pub and cable TVs in guest room to make all convenience to customer. The grand hall of hotel is elegance and lively together with the atmosphere of commodiousness, charm and comfort. It makes a comfortable and comfy feeling for customer.

Guest are paramount to all others and service first are the work tenet of Shanghai Honggang Hotel. Honggang will make high efficiency management, perfect service to welcome you and bring you larruping experience.


Add: 688 No.1 Yingbin Road, Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai.  PC: 200335

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